Who Is Carter Board Highlight: Joe Geng

Among the many blessings in his life, Joe Geng is privileged to serve on the Board of the Who Is Carter Foundation. Perhaps more importantly, Joe is Emily Abbott’s father and Carter’s grandfather. Joe grew up in Franklin Park, New Jersey, and met his wife Judy at the hospital where they both worked. Joe and Judy will celebrate 49 years of marriage this December! When he’s not spending quality time with his four children and 11 grandchildren, Joe loves fishing and international travel.

Reflecting upon his service as a Board member, Joe remarks, “Being a board member of a foundation that exists totally for the well being of others enables me to filter the din of human negativity that we are so often subjected to. The foundation has entered its second year and continues to inspire me by witnessing the many people and institutions that put aside personal or societal acrimony to help others. It has been said many times that you never feel as good as you do when you do for others and I would add that there is nothing more effective in helping one deal with one's own problems than doing so. We can easily find thousands of inspiring examples of people putting aside all to come to the collective aid of others and it is my humble privilege to be part of one such effort.”


Allison Murray