Andrea Lockton


Supporting "The Who Is Carter Foundation" for me is very simple; my daughter Haley and I met Emily and Elizabeth Abbott, before our girls could walk. I felt an immediate connection with Emily, it seemed as though we became fast friends. We were spending a fair amount of time together, when she got the news she was pregnant with Carter. I can remember just like it was yesterday she and Elizabeth were sitting in our back yard for Haley's 3rd birthday, Emily was due to have Carter at any moment, she certainly had that pregnancy glow. Not very long after that day, Matt and Emily were blessed with baby Carter and within a couple short weeks after Carter’s birth, was when Matt and Emily Abbott's lives shifted. I can remember visiting them at Children's Mercy Hospital, just a few weeks after Carter was born and I had never witnessed such strength in two people, then I had in Matt and Emily during such an unforeseeable and difficult period of time. Matt and Emily’s approach and execution in getting Carter the best quality of care was admirable and commendable. The Abbott’s left a lasting impression not only on myself but a powerful impact on many. Supporting The Who Is Carter Foundation was a decision I didn't have to think twice about, the Abbott's mindset and approach to life after Carter's passing is one of tragidy to a life of possibility, eager to help others in similar situations, it exhibits courage, bravery and a divine spirit which speaks so loudly to me.

Allison Murray