Stephanie Selk & Karis


Our daughter Karis was born a perfectly healthy baby girl. She continued to thrive and exceed goals until the fall of 2012 when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The surgeries and treatment she needed to kill the cancer were debilitating and left her with cognitive and physical challenges. It was heartbreaking knowing our daughter would never accomplish many of the milestones she was intended to. However, she was still here with us and we knew we would do whatever it took to get her the care she needed. When I first learned about the Who is Carter Foundation, there were so many things I could relate to. I immediately felt part of a family I had never met and could easily relate to their circumstances. Reading all they did to ensure Carter had the best care and quality of life inspired me to keep on going to do the same for Karis. Their story encouraged me to be the advocate our daughter needs. It is comforting knowing there is a foundation like this to help kids in need and to help parents find the support needed along the journey. I am grateful they shared Carter’s journey and continue to be a source of hope, inspiration and support.

Allison Murray